The Swiss Army Knife EHSQ Solutions

So you want an EHSQ software system that does management of change, PSSR and incident management. Great! Why not get one that does “everything?” At first blush, that sounds like the sort of thing everyone would want. But, after looking at the swiss army knife, I am not so sure that’s a great idea. There are a few things that don’t work too well. First of all, only one person can use this tool kit at a time. Of course that’s not the case with EHSQ software today. Then I notice that is looks like it would be hard to use at all because of the complexity. Then I wonder who was this was really made for? It looks like it can address the need for a screw driver, a cork screw, a pair of plyers, a magnifying glass... But this is the poster child for “jack of all trades, master of none.” You don’t want an EHSQ software system that does everything because if it does everything, it probably does not do anything really well. Truth!